Having developed a love for jewelry at an early age in her grandmother's antique shop, Elyssa Bass is a designer of luxury, statement-making pieces that mirror the glamour and panache of the early to mid 1900s. Determined to offer distinctive creations and superior quality, Elyssa searches the world, acquires the finest gems available and designs powerful, show-stopping creations that command attention and combine the worlds of fashion, fantasy, and extravagance.

While designing, Elyssa is drawn back to the early to mid 1900 pieces she pored over in her grandmother's store. She recalls the way each piece displayed not only a unique style, but seemed to tell a story and emit a connection to the complex world outside fashion. The rings, brooches and pendants she handled as a child expressed the collective mood of the nation and offered a dose of hopefulness and fantasy that was so widely needed at the time.

Inspired by the cocoon of glamour that engulfed the beguiling 30's stars, Elyssa began to design show stopping cocktail rings reminiscent of the extravagance and optimism of the era. Boasting close to an ounce of gold and roughly fifty-carat natural stone mined and hand-cut in Brazil, each ring is a striking, yet timeless piece of art. The Cocktail Collection was an instant hit attracting the attention of fashion media including O, the Oprah Magazine, Town & Country, Inside Weddings, InStyle, Lucky and more. Hollywood also took note of Elyssa's style and her pieces are now owned by stars including Kate Hudson and Catherine Zeta Jones.

Inspired by butterfly pins and brooches from the early to mid 1900s, the Monarch Butterfly Ring is truly life-sized with a wing span of one and three quarter inches. The fantastical creature is perched and ready to take flight from the wearer's finger. Crafted in 18k royal gold and accented with more than a carat of natural Chocolate Diamonds on the eyes and wings, the Butterfly Ring at once embodies the essence of both fantasy and nature. In this ring, Elyssa Bass has captured an ephemeral moment in time, the fleeting movement of a delicate yet resilient creature that has long symbolized love, hope and rebirth.

The creation of Elyssa Bass' Medusa Ring was inspired by the history of an antique Medusa brooch her grandmother acquired in her shop many years ago. So unusual was the piece that her grandmother chose not to sell it, and instead kept it in her own collection. As a child, Elyssa remembers the emotional reaction others had to the brooch when her grandmother wore it, the marvel of strangers on the street. As a tribute to her grandmother and to the goddess herself, Elyssa decided to create her own interpretation of the Medusa brooch. Hand sculpted by the finest of craftsmen and created in 18k white gold with a unique Italian alloy, the Medusa embraces AAA emeralds and pearls. Snakes of white gold intertwined in her hair whisper into her ear and her captivating eyes of rubies are impossible to ignore. With this creation, Elyssa honors the legacy of Medusa: female wisdom, power and creativity.

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Elyssa Bass Designs Handmade Jewelry