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The Elyssa Bass Medusa Ring in 18k Yellow or White Gold with Emeralds, Rubies, and Pearls.

The creation of Elyssa Bass' Medusa Ring was inspired by the history of an antique Medusa brooch her grandmother acquired in her antique store many years ago. So unusual was the piece that her grandmother chose not to sell it, and instead kept it in her own collection. As a child, Elyssa remembers the emotional reaction others had to the brooch when her grandmother wore it, the marvel of strangers on the street. As a tribute to her grandmother and to the goddess herself, Elyssa decided to create her own interpretation of the Medusa brooch. Hand sculpted by the finest of craftsmen and created in 18k yellow or white gold with a unique Italian alloy, the Medusa embraces AAA emeralds and pearls. Snakes of white gold intertwined in her hair whisper into her ear and her captivating eyes of rubies are impossible to ignore. With this creation, Elyssa honors the legacy of Medusa: female wisdom, power and creativity.

Elyssa Bass is a designer of luxury, statement-making pieces that mirror the glamour and panache of the early to mid 1900s. Determined to offer distinctive creations and superior quality, Elyssa searches the world, acquires the finest gems available and designs powerful, show-stopping creations that command attention and combine the worlds of fashion, fantasy, and extravagance.

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